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Product Features

Turkish-Style Garlic Sausage, with Turkey and Chicken • Ingredients: Beef, chicken, turkey, beef fat, beef connective tissue, poultry fat with skin (turkey, chicken), table salt, spices (contains MUSTARD), spice extracts, maltodextrin, colouring food: red beet powder, stabiliser: E450, flavour enhancer: E621, acidifier: E330, antioxidant: E301, preservative: E250. 100g Turkish-style garlic sausage is produced from 28g beef, 22g chicken, 22g turkey, 20g beef fat and 5g poultry fat with skin (turkey, chicken). May contain traces of celery and soya


500 g
4 Months

Average nutritional values per 100g

Energy1399 kJ / 328 kcal
Fat30,01 g
in Saturated Fat42,9 g
Carbohydrate0,7 g
of Which Sugars0,3 g
Protein16,9 g
Salt2,4 g